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NFL Suspends Gregg Williams Indefinitely; Sean Payton Suspended A Full Year

The NFL handed out punishments in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal on Wednesday. As expected, the punishments were significant. Saints head coach Sean Payton will be suspended for a full year. Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now in the same role with the St. Louis Rams, will be suspended indefinitely, according to Pro Football Talk.

That could be a problem for the St. Louis Rams, a team counting on new leadership to rebuild after years of losing football games.

Williams was expected to get hit the hardest by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. With Payton out for a season, it stands to reason that Williams could be out even longer. How and when the NFL decides on a specific length for Williams' suspension remains to be seen. The league's Competition Committee has a conference call set for 3:30 p.m. Eastern time. TST will be sitting in on the call. Ostensibly, they are supposed to talk about rule changes ahead of the owners' meeting. I suspect there will be other questions to field.

The Rams have capable replacements in place for Williams. Assistant head coach Dave McGinnis is a former head coach and defensive coordinator. He could step in for Williams.