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Tim Tebow Rumors: St. Louis Rams Interested Too?

Add the St. Louis Rams to the list of teams interested in Tim Tebow, says Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network. The Rams are a late entrant into the mix, if the report is indeed true. If they were to acquire Tim Tebow, the Rams would have both quarterbacks selected in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

St. Louis has been looking for backup quarterback help. The team has had interest in a list of veterans including Jason Campbell, Shaun Hill, Brady Quinn and David Garrard since free agency began last week. Hill and Quinn were the only players to actually visit Rams Park.

Whether or not the team sees Tebow as a backup quarterback or an ancillary weapon to the offense remains to be seen. He would not be a backup capable of stepping in for Sam Bradford and running the same offense.

Head coach Jeff Fisher does have some experience with mobile, option-y quarterbacks, including most infamously Vince Young. Tebow's lack of ability in the pocket is the main concern that separates him from other similar quarterbacks.

UPDATE: News broke that the Jets traded a fourth-round pick for Tebow as I typed this.