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NFL Free Agents: Two Receivers To Consider ... If You Dare!

Give this man someone to throw the ball to!
Give this man someone to throw the ball to!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Cliche, but an apt one for the St. Louis Rams' wide receiver situation. The position will most certainly have to be addressed in the draft as the team tries to find someone consistent and skilled enough to finally give them a viable threat on the outside and some speed on the inside.

There may be a few options left in free agency, players that could come at a reduced rate or even to an incentive-laden deal.

The names I'm going to suggest for your consideration will startle and shock you. Try to stay clear of past biases and listen to reason. I'm not suggesting either of these players go the top the list, just putting an idea out there to discuss.


Ted Ginn

Ginn was the 49ers' second-most active receiver last season, mostly due to injuries with Braylon Edwards and Josh Morgan. An Ohio State product, Ginn is most famous for flaming out after being picked ninth overall in 2007. As a deep threat, Ginn was mismatched with Alex Smith in San Francisco, since deep threats need strong, accurate passers to get them the ball.

He reportedly wants a bigger role in an offense. That might be a stretch, but the Rams could offer him more looks as a bargain basement speed threat. His real value is as a return man. He averaged more than 27 yards per kick return last season and scored twice, once on a punt and once on a kick return, both in the opening week against Seattle.

Ginn has visited with the Lions, Ravens and Vikings.

Braylon Edwards

Edwards is a known commodity to Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who coached him for a season and a half in 2009 and 2010. The Jets wanted to bring him back in 2011, but not at the kind of price he was asking for at that time.

Edwards landed in San Francisco on a one-year deal. A deep threat and a willing blocker, Edwards was a poor fit for quarterback Alex Smith, like Ginn. Injuries did more damage to Edwards than poor quarterbacking. Knee and shoulder issues evaporated his turnaround chances with the 49ers, and would be a concern for any team signing him this season. He was released in December last year.

There is also the character thing, but he kept his nose clean last season, except for a summer time bar tussle, after pleading guilty to a 2010 DUI charge. Fisher has a willingness to take chances on character concerns, but injury concerns would be the biggest issue for Edwards.

Either player could have a role with the Rams, depending on their asking price and health.