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Random Ramsdom, 3/21: Looking For Wide Receivers?

The St. Louis Rams are looking for wide receivers. Good luck with that.
The St. Louis Rams are looking for wide receivers. Good luck with that.

So you spent the night looking for wide receivers. Sure, I don't blame you. Wide receivers are important to the modern NFL game. They catch balls that quarterbacks throw. Quarterbacks are also important to the modern NFL game. These square-jawed Adonises help teams score points by moving the ball around the field, often throwing it to wide receivers.

In other news, the sun came up today, though you might be forgiven if you failed to notice it ... because you were too busy turning over rocks in the search for wide receivers. Take a break, man. Grab yourself a Grape Nehi, kick off your boat shoes and read and click these links.

UNC receiver Dwight Jones banned from pro day - Bad news for UNC wide receiver Dwight Jones. He was banned from his pro day for the New Year's Eve party flyer that got him in trouble ahead of their bowl game. Jones really needed his pro day to answer some questions, and many now see him as a third- or fourth-round pick.

Draft Tip Sheet: Hard times for fullbacks - Fullbacks get no love in the NFL these days, even though you saw a number of playoff teams regularly using their lead blockers. The Rams need a fullback after not extending Britt Miller, an exclusive rights free agent, an offer sheet.

NFL Draft: Ranking the WR class by Tiers - Wes Bunting at the National Football Post takes a look at the wide receivers available in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Rams may need to draft two receivers with early picks this year, given the huge need they have at the position and the dried up free agent market.

Philadelphia Eagles send 4th round pick to Houston Texans for DeMeco Ryans - So much for the Philadelphia Eagles drafting middle linebacker Luke Kuechly with the 15th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Multiple people (led by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle) are reporting the Eagles have traded for Houston Texans middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

Rams still have holes to fill - GM Les Snead has had a big spring, but he still has plenty of work to do as the team addresses key positions. How will they do it?