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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: 49ers Out Of The Running

Well, there goes that. The San Francisco 49ers are out of the mix for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. There are still a handful of team in the mix, including Miami and Green Bay, according to Adam Schefter.

As for the St. Louis Rams, they were never in the mix for Tebow. They have a young quarterback to groom, or resume grooming as the case may be. If you need further holes shot in your Tim Tebow fever dreams, Bernie Miklasz at the Post-Dispatch does a fine job of debunking it.

The 49ers unsettled quarterback issues will probably be resolved soon, and Alex Smith will probably be back under center there. Smith and Jim Harbaugh are talking again, easing over Smith's wounded pride in contract talks and the Peyton Manning sideshow. Besides, Smith really has no place to go, not to be a starter anyway, besides San Francisco.

Too bad, I was really warming to the idea of Vince Young in San Francisco. I'm sure Jeff Fisher would have been giddy at that sight as well.