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Turf Show Times YouTube - Gregg Williams & "The Book"

I gained exclusive access to the book that details Gregg Williams' interest in paying players for certain actions during their employment as NFL players. Concisely, it comes down to toes and hoagies.

Confused? Lemme explain.

Still confused? Me too.

Look, here's the deal. TST is now on YouTube. So what? So you should subscribe to us, that's what. Supercool videos from VanRamVanBibber and I. Supercool exclusive video content. Supercool multimedia synergy between the TST home page and our social media efforts. What's that? That's the same thing? Eat hoagies, friend.

But yes, we need your feedback. And no, we're not going to be in any high-end studio anytime soon. But we'll be able to provide video support to the stuff you already get here at TST.

And, and this is the great thing about SBN, I'll be making videos over at Mocking the Draft's YouTube channel (though the hoagie references will likely be few and far between).

So get on board. SBN is moving this way, and we're heading with it. If you guys help us make it a good time, then it's better for everyone.

So buckle up. And bring a hoagie. Two, if you're hungry. Yay hoagies.