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Gregg Williams Not The Only Rams Coach Facing Fallout Over Saints' Bounty Program

An NFL investigation released on Friday revealed that New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now the St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator, ran a bounty program between 2009 and 2011, paying out cash bonuses for injuring opposing players. Williams faces some serious trouble when the NFL hands down a punishment. Gregg Williams may not be the only member of the Rams coaching staff in hot water.

The Rams also hired Blake Williams, Gregg's son, who coached in New Orleans along side his father.

An official role for Blake Williams has not been announced. He is expected to work with the linebackers in some capacity, possibly as the position coach.

Blake was not named in the initial report of the investigation. However, the NFL release today said "at least one assistant" coach was involved in the bounty program.

Gregg Williams is likely facing a long suspension from the league. Watch for details to see whether or not his son was involved. If so, the Rams coaching staff could be in for some serious disruption in 2012.