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New Rams DC Gregg Williams - Bounty Hunter?

There have been plenty of stories and players and games and individual plays pertaining to the Rams that one can define as being "not good."

With the NFL's Security Department concluding their investigation that found 22 of 27 players on the New Orleans Saints were paid under a "pay for performance" program under the coordination by then Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, we have something else to put on that list.

Undoubtedly, there are more details to come. We know that players were paid $1,000 to have someone carted off and $1,500 for a "knockout" hit. We know that some level of payments were made for interceptions and fumble recoveries, all of which violate league rules. And while GM Greg Loomis and owner Tom Benson (who ordered the program stopped, albeit apparently an unsuccessful order) were aware of the program, reports suggest the program was continued in each of the last three seasons.

There isn't much precedence for this. And while there's much suspicion that this is hardly an uncommon occurrence, there's not much history (outside of irregular comments made by irregular players) that would give us much of an idea of what to suspect to say nothing of the fact this is happening during the #allplayersafetyeverything NFL era.

To be short, stay tuned. Something's going to happen. And despite overhauling the front office and the coaching staff, the Rams continue to find a way in every fashion imaginable (and not so) to remain in the realm of the "not good."