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St. Louis Rams, Free Agents, 2012 NFL Draft Trades & More On Turf Show Times YouTube Channel Debut

Turf Show Times is talking St. Louis Rams, free agents, the draft and more in the premiere episode of our YouTube channel. Won't you subscribe for regular updates?

Well folks, kicking and screaming we got pulled into the 21st century. I got a camera in the mail and the keys to our very own television station, which is nothing at all like I envisioned it being after watching "UHF" a few dozen times.

So what's on tap in the first episode?

I kept things pretty basic for the inaugural run, a brief overview of the team's offseason priorities. In the days and weeks ahead, we'll really get down and dirty on this thing. Fortunately for all of us, 3k has a camera and the keys to the TV station too. He'll be contributing here and on the Mocking The Draft channel.

Subscribe to SB Nation's YouTube channel as well. They have pros cranking out videos, people who don't need as much Rogaine as I do.

Be sure to click over and subscribe to our channel, get the videos delivered to you mailbox or whatever.