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NFL Free Agents: Now Reports Say Titans Will Not Tag Cortland Finnegan

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially "that time of year." Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Titans WILL NOT use the franchise tag on cornerback Cortland Finnegan. That runs counter to a report from Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network that the Titans would use the tag on Finnegan.

So which is it?

Hard to say at this point, until we hear something directly from the Titans or Finnegan. Both reporters are not prone to getting things wrong, so someone obviously got the wrong info from a source, a source who may not have had the latest info themselves.

UPDATE: ESPN's Paul Kuharsky is also saying no tag for Finnegan.

It is "that time of year."

If the Titans do not tag Finnegan, all previous reports that the St. Louis Rams will pursue him for a reunion with Jeff Fisher and defensive backs coach Chuck Cecil. Finnegan will command some cap dollars, forcing roster cuts elsewhere to free up space. Ron Bartell's name has been mentioned before given his status as a veteran in the final year of his contract, owed $6 million plus, and coming off a serious injury.