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St. Louis Rams Free Agents 2012: What Happens If Brandon Lloyd Re-Signs?

It is almost a foregone conclusion that Brandon Lloyd will be moving on from the St. Louis Rams. Lloyd has been penciled in to the New England Patriots.

However, a couple of days ago, the Patriots came to Chad Ochocinco and asked him about restructuring his contract. If Ochocinco re-signs with the Patriots they might not need to sign Lloyd, depending on what kind of deal they give Ochocinco.

Yesterday, Ryan reported that the Rams talked to Lloyd about coming back and that they plan on continuing to talk to him. I think Lloyd will test his options and than decide the best thing for him will be to return.

If the Rams do re-sign Brandon Lloyd don't be surprised to see their draft day logic change.

There are at least three scenarios that could happen after the Rams trade their first round pick.

1st. Rams won't draft a wide reciever this year

Honestly, I'm leaning towards this option. The Rams were horrible on offense last year, but if you add Danny Amendola and Greg Salas (a player that I'm extremely high on) back to the roster it doesn't look too bad.

Of course, the Rams would most likely add an offensive tackle and another running back to back up Steven Jackson. If the Rams can add a solid tight end in free agency, the Rams should have a decent offense.

This option probably won't be the most popular, but I can see it happening. Jeff Fisher loves to run the ball, and it will give the Rams a chance to upgrade other parts of their team. Also, Greg Salas and Pettis will get a chance to develop and we can have the rest of the wide receivers fight for the other starting spot.

Wide receiver might be a big need in 2013, but at least the Rams will get a better idea of what they have.

2nd Rams will draft a wide reciever in the 1st round

The Rams decide that Brandon Lloyd just isn't enough to get the passing game going, so they decide to draft a future successor to Lloyd.

If the Rams decide to go this route, they will have a couple of choices. Of course it depends where the Rams are drafting, I doubt that you will see Alshon Jeffery chosen 4th or 6th overall. The Rams can pick Blackmon or they can reach for one of the other receivers.

The Rams can also trade up to the back of the 1st round and choose between Kendall Wright or Michael Floyd, etc.

Doing this should give the Rams more talent and depth at the wide receiver position. There wouldn't be any reason to say that Sam Bradford doesn't have talent around him, and the offense should be pretty good, depending on what they do in the draft and free agency.

3rd. The Rams will draft a wide receiver in the 2nd or lower rounds

Basically the Rams decide that they have bigger needs than wide receiver and can afford to let one take his time and develop.

It's impossible to guess what players the Rams would look to draft if they don't pick a wide receiver in the first round. More than likely the Rams would look to upgrade the offensive and defensive lines, maybe even a cornerback, It will depend on BPA.

There are many wideouts that the Rams can draft after the first round. The biggest name is Stephen Hill, he is raw, but he has huge upside. The Rams can also look at Chris Givens, Mohamed Sanu, and Nick Toon, all of which could develop into good players. The Rams might even want to wait into the lower rounds ang get a player like Ryan Broyles.

4th. The Rams decide to draft multiple wide receivers

Who is to say that Jeff Fisher likes any of the Rams wide receivers? There is no guarantee that he is sold on any target that the Rams have for Sam. Honestly, who could blame him for adding players at a position that the Rams have been weak at for so long.

More than likely, the Rams would draft a wide receiver in the 1st two rounds and than later in the draft decide that they have to add another one.

The Rams could add these two rookies and they would probably make the roster over fridge players like Danario Alexander or Brandon Gibson.

Doing this would give the Rams depth and more upside going forward and they would be giving Sam Bradford more weapons.