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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Getting A Receiver One Way Or Another

Free agency changes the what the draft looks like. Last year was a little different because of the NFL lockout, but teams will shuffle their draft boards a bit now after spending big or missing out on free agent additions. That certainly holds true for the St. Louis Rams, who tried again and again to find a wide receiver. Now, they don't have many options beyond the 2012 NFL Draft.

Let's take a look at what my most recent mock at SB Nation gave them.

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Surprise! It's Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State.

What choice do they have? They lost out on Pierre Garcon, Mario Manningham and Robert Meachem in free agency, and wide receiver has been the team's biggest need since Torry Holt got shipped off in 2009. Blackmon may not have the ceiling of recent first-round receivers, but he can catch the ball, work on the outside and run after the catch. That instantly makes him the best receiver the Rams have.

It's getting hard to separate the buzz from reality around Blackmon. It happens every year. People have gone back and found holes in his game, whether they exist or not. Agreeing on a wide receive prospect is damn near impossible.

Blackmon fits well with the Rams needs, even if he does not give them the second coming of A.J. Green. They can look for options later in the draft, but those players have even more question marks. Of course, with two second-round picks, they can always find a complementary piece on day two.