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The Rams Must Look to the Draft to Improve the WR Position

With Justin Blackmon possibly out of reach for the Rams, Michael Floyd could be an attractive option.
With Justin Blackmon possibly out of reach for the Rams, Michael Floyd could be an attractive option.

At the start of free agency, the market for wide receivers looked very promising. Marcus Colston, Brandon Lloyd, and Vincent Jackson were number ones who were speculated to be of interest to the Rams. Since then, Colston resigned with the Saints, Brandon Lloyd stuck a deal with the Patriots and Vincent Jackson got a giant contract from the Buccaneers.

The Rams then turned their sites to Mario Manningham. He was in St. Louis for multiple days, but they were unable to seal the deal and the 49ers signed the ex-Giant WR.

Now the WR market is bare. The best players left are Early Doucet and Braylon Edwards. Neither of which would be a big upgrade.

The Rams must turn to the draft to improve the weakest position on the roster. Justin Blackmon may fall to six, but it seems unlikely with the Browns also needing a WR at pick 4.

The Rams now have to turn their attention to the lower tier WRs in the draft. Michael Floyd is the best of the bunch. He has the talent of a top NFL WR, but he had many off the field problems at Notre Dame. Stock: Mid 1st

Mohamed Sanu is a player who many are high on, but he lacks downfield speed. He has good hands, runs good routes and has great size. He can develop into a very good player. Stock: Late 1st, Early 2nd

Stephen Hill was a combine warrior. He has amazing speed for his size, but he is a very difficult player to judge because of the triple option offense ran at Georgia Tech. Stock: Early 2nd

Kendall Wright hurt his stock at the combine by running a very unimpressive 40, but his tape that shows he has great speed. Stock: Late 1st, Early 2nd

Alshon Jeffery went from being a top 10 pick, to now maybe not even going in the 1st round. He suffered from bad QB play with the Gamecocks of course, but he was overweight during the season and seems to have a lazy complex. Stock: All over the place. Depends on who you ask. Likely early 2nd

Other notable WRs that the Rams may look at are Ruben Randle, Juron Criner, Marvin McNutt, AJ Jenkins (MY BOY!!), Joe Adams and Ryan Broyles.

The problem is that none of these players are worth the number six pick and many may not last until the second round. Lucky for the Rams, they have two 2nd round picks that may allow them to trade back up into the 1st round. Another possibility is another trade down if a team falls in love with Trent Richardson.

There is no doubt that the Rams must draft one, maybe even two WRs. Bradford needs his weapons.