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NFL Free Agents: Rams Sign DT Kendall Langford

The St. Louis Rams added a defensive tackle on Saturday. According to Adam Schefter, the Rams signed Dolphins free agent Kendall Langford to address their needs on the interior defensive front. The size of the deal probably signals that the Rams have given up on another defensive tackle they had targeted, Jason Jones.

Langford signed a four-year, $24 million deal with $12 million guaranteed. For those keeping score at home, that deal is almost identical to the one they gave center Scott Wells, with just $1 million less in guaranteed money.

It looks like a pricey deal, but interior linemen that can get penetration do not come cheaply these days. Langford played mostly on the end of the Dolphins' three-man fronts. Miami used more hybrid approaches last year, and Langford is capable of playing three-technique as well.

As for the team's pursuit of Jason Jones, this news makes it seem as though they reconciled to the fact that Jones was not going to sign with the Rams. Jones would certainly command more money, so it seems unlikely that the Rams would tie up much more salary dollars in a second defensive tackle while needing to find some players and a backup quarterback.

UPDATE: Apparently the Langford signing does not signal an end to the Rams' interest in Jones. According to Howard Balzer, the team is still trying to sign Jones.