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NFL Free Agents: Someone Jumped The Gun On Eric Winston

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If it says so on Wikipedia, it has to be true, right? St. Louis Rams fans could only hope after reading free agent offensive tackle Eric Winston's Wikipedia page. It appears that some fan got a little overzealous and did not scroll all the way through their Twitter feed when news about Winston's status trickled out on Friday night.

Have a look for yourself.


The Rams were scheduled to have a visit with Winston on Friday, but he never made it out of Kansas City, at least by the time afternoon rolled around when the Chiefs had him at Jack Stack's BBQ.

Winston's visit to St. Louis was cancelled. As for who cancelled it, that much is not clear. Some reports said the Rams cancelled it after signing free agent center Scott Wells; others made it sound as though the Chiefs were still wooing him.

There is a lesson with Winston and free agency, besides being skeptical about what you read on Wikipedia. Winston was a third-round pick in 2006. He started seven games that season, and by his second season, he was a full time starter. The Rams could easily load up on free agent linemen, but a much smarter approach is finding good linemen in the draft, in the middle and late rounds specifically. Fortunately, Fisher has a track record of doing just that.