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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 31

Let's keep the train moving, shall we? The Eagles traded up to get Pick 31 from the Patriots, who received the 46th selection this year along with the Eagles 2nd rounder next year. With that explained, here is rickforking with the pick:


Mark Barron, SS, Alabama

Pick Grade:


"I've been trying to move up for the last 5-6 picks to grab this guy. A leader on one of the best defenses in college, can cover, can play the run, and has great size. To be able to get a guy that I consider a top 10 prospect at 31 is just a steal, even if I did have to pay an extra second round pick to get him. Between Barron and Kuechly at 15, the weak center of the Eagles defense can now be considered a strength"

Analysis after the jump.

I love this pick. The Eagles needed to add players to the middle of their defense. They accomplished that at 15 with Kuechly and they smartly traded up to grab the falling Barron. With players like Fletcher Cox and Jerel Worthy still available, there is a very legitimate chance that they could go for a three-peat should they choose to do so.

Are they the dream team Jeff Fisher's arch-nemesis said they would be? Probably not, but they are on the right path with the first round they've had.

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