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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 30


Still...waiting...for free agent signings...must...hold...on. If that's how you're feeling, then I'm in the same boat. I've never been known for patience and refreshing Jim Thomas' twitter feed every ten seconds certainly does nothing to rectify that problem. Instead of doing my refresh frenzy, why not be productive? Here is dbcouver with the 49ers pick:


Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin

Pick Grade:


Staying true to his Rams roots, dbcouver looked to David Fucillo's guidance in figuring out who to select:

The 49ers head into day 3 of free agency having lost right guard Adam Snyder. Although Snyder was not a great right Guard, his versatility was huge for the team. He could play just about anywhere on the line, including acting as backup Center. Jonathan Goodwin was generally reliable when it came to staying healthy, but having a veteran like Snyder available, was always a bit of a comfort.

Analysis after the jump.

I can't argue with Fucillo's logic here. They lost Adam Snyder, so they replace him. Zeitler is a decent value pick up at this spot who wouldn't be available when the 49ers are up in the 2nd. With a new draft class and some continuity, this is a team that could be contending next year.

Now enough about the 49ers. I feel dirty talking about them already. Good pick by dbcouver (who is the master of our big board).

Check out said big board here or our full schedule which contains all the players picked and who's up next. You can find it here.