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St. Louis Rams Free Agents: Assessing Brady Quinn and Nate Livings [Updated]

The St. Louis Rams continue the hunt for hired hands. Two recent additions to the list of free agents visiting the Rams include quarterback Brady Quinn and guard Nate Livings. Not as high profile as some of the other names rolling through town this week, each fits a particular need the team has.

Quinn is famous for not panning out as a first-round pick by the Browns in 2007. He has not seen action in the NFL since 2009. He is still young enough to have some upside, but backup quarterback is the ceiling. Third-stringer might be the more apt description, and Quinn would likely be competing in camp with a another addition for the second spot.

Steve Smith caught passes from Quinn. Something to think about when reading about these free agent visits, Sam Bradford cannot throw to the free agents because he is not allowed to under the provisions of the CBA. A coach could always throw to free agents, but it usually better to have an NFL quarterback doing it, even Brady Quinn. Plus, scoping out a backup and a wide receiver is an economical way to kill two birds with one stone.

Livings is a more interesting free agent. A four-year veteran with the Bengals, he started all 16 games the last two seasons, mostly with mixed results. According to the numbers at Pro Football Focus, Livings was an adequate pass blocker last season, 0.5 grade, and a -9.1 in run blocking with some notable ups and downs in 16 games.

[Updated 3/16/12 10:47 AM PST by Eric Nagel]: The Dallas Cowboys have signed Nate Livings to a 5 year deal worth $19 million dollars.