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NFL Trade Rumors: Danny Amendola's Agent Stonewalls New England Questions

Nobody can confirm anything, but the Danny Amendola rumors refuse to die. Fitting for a story about gritty little slot receivers who rise from the ranks of undrafted purgatory to household names in the NFL. Reports of Amendola visiting Boston swirled around the internet alongside whispers of the New England Patriots' interest in the St. Louis Rams' restricted free agent. Tom Curran talked to Amendola's agent. The answers he got, or did not get, were positively Putin-esque.

"Can't help," Amendola's agent, Erik Burkhart, told Curran.

Burkhart would not say one way or another whether or not Amendola was visiting with the Patriots.

Speaking of Putin, Belichick's Patriots are notoriously thorny about agents talking to the press about the team's dealings with players. The situation is even dicier when it comes to dealings with one of the team's most popular players, Wes Welker.

Curran suggests that Amendola could be on New England's radar for the same reasons already mentioned: a cheaper, younger replacement for Wes Welker.

In an even weirder scenario, Curran suggests the possibility of the Pats snatching Amendola and the Rams dealing for Wes Welker ... which would be silly for the Rams, since they too could have a younger, cheaper version of him.

Either way, something is afoot. Stay tuned.