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2012 NFL Free Agency News: Mario Williams gets paid, Rams bring in Steve Smith for a physical

Today has been another active day in free agency. The Rams hosted two free agents today. Former Packers center Scott Wells was in town. Obviously the Rams need help at center after releasing Jason Brown, who had a visit with the Panthers. Wells at age 31, still has some good football ahead of him.

Of bigger interest, the Rams hosted Steve Smith at Rams Park today. The Rams certainly need help at WR and Smith has proven that he can be productive in the NFL. The major problem is injuries. The last two seasons, Smith landed on injured reserve. If healthy, he can have a big impact.

More on Smith and other news after the jump.

Our own Tevin had an interesting point about Steve Smith and the Rams on Twitter.

Steve Smith is mostly a slot guy right? Reports that the Rams might not match an offer for Danny. #hmm

Could Steve Smith be a replacement for Danny Amendola? It's a valid idea. Steve Smith usually plays the X position, but he has played in the slot a lot in his career. Getting a second round pick for Danny and replacing him with Steve Smith might be a good move.

In other news....

Mario Williams signed with the Bills

He is now the highest paid defensive player ever. His contract is for 5 years and $96 million dollars.

Seahawks hosting Matt Flynn

Have the Seahawks found their new QB? I'm not that high on Flynn, but anyone would be an upgrade over Tavaris Jackson.

Cardinals out of the Peyton Manning race?

The race for Peyton seems to be down to four teams, the Titans, Broncos, Cardinals and Dolphins. Michael Lombardi of thinks it's down to the Titans and the Broncos, which is good news for the Rams. Peyton Manning could potentially do the same thing for the Cardinals that Kurt Warner did.