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Updated:Rams To Host free agents Center Scott Wells and Defensive tackle Kendall Langford

The Rams were mostly quiet last night, but now that the market has started to settle down, the Rams are going after their guys. The two guys that the Rams are interested in were starters last season. Although they aren't the skill players that fans have been waiting for, they are solid players.

More about these players after the jump.

John Clayton was first to report that Scott Wells would be visiting the Rams and that there was strong interest. It didn't take much research to discover that he would be an upgrade over the Rams former center, Jason Brown. He's one of the best centers in the league and maybe, just maybe, he's the real reason that Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn are rated so highly, okay that's probably reaching.

Don't take my word for it, here's Packers starting left guard T.J Lang on Wells.

Just by watching film and playing next to the guy, I don’t think it gets much better than Scott. He overcomes his size. He takes a lot of heat for it but he’s a very strong guy, a very smart guy playing that position. At the center position, you need a guy who’s athletic and a guy who’s smart. Scott’s all of that. He’s strong. He’s probably one of the strongest guys on our team.

Well's is 31 and has been in the league for 8 seasons. He started the whole year this season and missed one game the season before.

Now, I'm curious about Kendall Langford. It's being reported by multiple outlets that Langford will visit the Rams. He's a 3-4 defensive end, that will move inside to play defensive tackle in a 4-3. I wouldn't blame the Rams for kicking tires on Langford, although Jason Jones would be a better defensive tackle for the team.

Also, maybe the Rams chasing Langford, is showing us what kind of defensive line they want. Jason Jones also played some defensive end and is playing defensive tackle. The Rams have also been linked to Michael Brockers the LSU defensive tackle in the draft, he also can play multiple positions on the line.

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This will be a tough choice, but the team should try to resign Langford if possible. He has been a starter at DE in the team’s 3-4 alignment and would move inside to DT in the new 4-3 front. Langford isn’t a great pass rusher in terms of sacks, but is effective collapsing the pocket and generating pressure. I’m not sure how he would hold up against the run in the 4-3, but he is definitely worth resigning to have a solid rotation on the defensive line.

Updated: Maybe the reports about Langford visiting were wrong? Per Jim Thomas,

Miami defensive lineman Kendall Langford may not get out of Cincinnati, but if he does, he will visit Rams. No confirmed visit yet.