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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 28

I was hoping Jason Jones would have been signed by now, but since he's taking his sweet time, I'll let you think about something else. Our own Buckeyefan55 picked Stephen Gilmore for the Patriots yesterday. Today, Matthew.Hanen is picking for the Packers:


Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB, West Virginia

Pick Grade:


"Bruce is an elite talent with a high ceiling. Bruce does have some maturity issues that will need to be worked around, but surrounding him with Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, AJ Hawk and Dez Bishop shall give the organization for Bruce to mold himself after. Bruce's speed is an immediate upgrade across from Clay Matthews."

Analysis after the jump

Matthew's first sentence pretty much hits the nail on the head. Irvin can run a 4.4 forty, weighs near 250 lbs and is a pass rushing force. However, he didn't play football in high school because of academic issues and had issues with the law.

However, he seems to have turned his life around and was a force for West Virginia. If Irvin really has transformed, then he'd be a great pick, but not this high. I've seen mocks that have him at the bottom of round three, but I think he'd be a good second round selection. In the late first round? I'm not sure, but anything can happen. Kudos to Matt for going against the grain.

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