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Cortalnd Finnegan 'All About Ram Nation'

Cortland Finnegan, the St. Louis Rams newest acquisition, made it official with a short video message to fans on his Facebook page. The former Titans cornerback thanked Tennessee fans, and said hello to fans of his new team.

"I'm headed back to be with the man who gave me a chance, coach Fisher," Finnegan said.

Finnegan, with a smile from ear-to-ear, threw in a nod to his new team and its fans.

"I look forward to being all about Ram Nation," Finnegan said as he donned a ball cap emblazoned with the Rams' logo.

Coach Fisher was similarly excited about signing Finnegan.

"I've had a relationship with him, know him very well and I know he‘s going to fit in and be a very fine player for us," Fisher said at his Wednesday morning press conference. "We're very, very excited about that."

"He's a complete corner in that he's got great cover skills, he's a run support corner," Fisher said. "He's got flexibility to move inside. There's always potential to match him up with a top receiver on a game-to-game basis."

"He plays hard," Fisher continued. "I think his reputation is widely misunderstood out there, from the standpoint of the dirty player type thing and all that. He's just a very productive player and better on the field. I would say this, the only thing he does better on the field is what he does off the field in the community, and he'll have a tremendous impact and role in the community as well."