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NFL Free Agents: Can The Rams Find Among The Remaining Receivers?

Mario Manningham is still a free agent, after his fellow free agent receivers were snapped up quickly over the last 24 hours.
Mario Manningham is still a free agent, after his fellow free agent receivers were snapped up quickly over the last 24 hours.

Wide receivers were snapped up quickly in free agency, mostly by the Washington Redskins who decided that retail therapy was the best way to cope with the league's cap punishment. The St. Louis Rams were in contact with at least two free agent receivers who quickly signed deals before they could visit Rams Park. Jeff Fisher cautioned the media not to despair at his Wednesday morning press conference. The Rams are still looking at a few options in free agency.

So which free agent receivers are left that might make sense for the Rams?

Brandon Lloyd - Things seem to be moving slowly between Brandon Lloyd, the Patriots and inevitability. Lloyd is visiting the 49ers in fact. It makes you wonder if the Patriots have their sights set elsewhere. Depending on what kind of money he wants, re-signing Lloyd would at least give the Rams a solid deep threat to work the sidelines. The Rams did not seem all that interested in keeping him.

Mario Manningham - Fairly one-dimensional as a vertical guy who thrives outside the numbers. The Rams could actually use a player like that, but Manningham might be a little overpriced. San Francisco, Miami and Buffalo were all interested in him at last report.

Laurent Robinson - Hmm, been there, done that, but this is a new administration. LRob was great for Dallas last year, but was it because he really improved or because Dez Bryant and Austin Miles demanded all the attention from secondaries? Jacksonville has him in for a visit.

Braylon Edwards - He looked gassed on a last chance deal with the 49ers last year.

Early Doucet - Not a bad option, but he is very much like the collection of receivers the Rams already have, middling possession-types who work the middle of the field. Danny Amendola and Greg Salas have that locked down.

Ted Ginn - Before you laugh, Ginn was solid as a return man last season, both punts and kickoffs. He would be an upgrade over the Rams' current options, but he offers little help as a receiver.

Plaxico Burress - One dimensional, large target. He would help in the red zone.

Jerome Simpson - Troubled, to say the least. He will get at least a four-game suspension for his night job, but he does have some talent.

So, basically, there is hardly anything left. Fisher's comments about trade possibilities are especially intriguing, but pretty ephemeral at this point.