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NFL Free Agents: Rams Wooing Jason Jones, Tennessee Still In The Picture

The St. Louis Rams are still trying to sign Jason Jones, but they have some competition.
The St. Louis Rams are still trying to sign Jason Jones, but they have some competition.

Tennessee Titans free agent defensive tackle Jason Jones was still in the building at Rams Park according to head coach Jeff Fisher. The St. Louis Rams are still in the process of wooing Jones, but it is far from a done deal, even after it was reported on Tuesday night that the team expected to have an agreement by morning. The Titans, according to Terry McCormick of the Tennessean, are very much still in the race to keep Jones.

Fisher praised Jones at his Wednesday morning press conference. It was all part of the team's pitch to get his signature, or at least nod of approval, on a contract to join the Rams.

Seattle is still interested in Jones, and has a visit scheduled sometime in the near future as well.

Jones fills a huge need for the Rams, who just released their two starting defensive tackles from last season to clear cap space and rebuild a younger roster. Not only that, he could make the team's pass rush a force to be reckoned with in 2012.

Check out what NFL Films guru Greg Cosell had to say about Jones in comparison to Quinton Coples, the UNC prospect that leads the 2012 NFL Draft class of pass rushers:

Jones is best suited to the inside, and has had the most success in his career there. But thing about this move in terms of an impact for this season.

The Rams already have a solid foundation on defense, a couple of edge rushers, a stud corner and a top-notch middle linebacker. The unit had its share of problems last year, but it could be a very good defense in 2012 with a little health and the right moves. Getting Jones would only make it better, and capable of keeping the Rams competitive this year in case the offense is still getting caught up, which it probably will be.

Fisher and Snead are pretty competitive guys. I suspect Jason Jones can expect a full court press on Wednesday afternoon.