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Random Ramsdom 3/14: St. Louis Rams Free Agency Update

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Don't blink. You may miss a major signing in free agency. Hell, you probably shouldn't even be reading this because you'll for sure miss something important. Hit the jump for a recap of free agent moves yesterday.

Rams sign Cortland Finnegan

The Rams landed one of the biggest prizes in free agency, grabbing the top corner, Cortland Finnegan. The contract is 5 years for $50 million. This is a great signing for the Rams. He is a major upgrade in the secondary.

Vincent Jackson, and every major WR has signed a deal

Vincent Jackson set the market very quickly for WRs this year. He signed a 5 year $55 million dollar contract with Tampa Bay. Also, Pierre Garcon signed with the Redskins, Robert Meachem signed with the Chargers, Marcus Colston resigned with the Saints, and Reggie Wayne is staying with the Colts. If the Rams truly want to improve the WR position (which is a must!), they will have to look to the draft. Braylon Edwards is the best WR available. Eww.

Rams close to signing Jason Jones

According to Jim Thomas, the Rams are close to signing Jason Jones. He said the deal could be done last night, but as I'm writing this, no deal has been signed. Jones is scheduled to visit with the Seahawks as well. It is in the Rams best interests to lock up a deal very, very soon. Jones can really help the defensive line.

Eric Winston to visit the Rams

The Texans RT is scheduled to visit the Rams and also the Chiefs and Dolphins. This news may signal that the new regime sees Rodger Saffold as a LT. This also brings up questions about Jason Smith's future. I'm thinking, he will be seeing his walking papers very soon.

Stay tuned to TST today for more updates. Also be sure to follow the page on Twitter and Facebook as information gets out faster with those.