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Robert Meachem Signed With The Chargers

For those that wanted the Rams to get a free agent wide receiver, you probably aren't too happy right now. Earlier today it was reported that the Rams were interested in acquiring Robert Meachem, but Meachem decided that he would take his talents to San Diego.

Right now the best wide receivers in free agency are Brandon Lloyd, Laurent Robinson, and Mario Manningham. In my opinion the only way Brandon Lloyd resigns with the Rams is if Lloyd can't agree to a contract with the Patriots. Honestly, would Laurent Robinson agree to return to the Rams? He has a chance to go to green pastures or he can just sign with a team that offers him the most money. Then you have Mario Manningham, I don't think there would be a point in signing Manningham, he might have upside, but the Rams have enough players at wide receiver they need to develop.

The Rams most likely will have to draft a playmaking wide receiver to fill in the void that Brandon Lloyd will leave. As I'm writing this, I just read that Brandon Lloyd will visit the 49ers.

Drafting a wide receiver, should become more important now. It will be interesting to see if the Rams will draft Blackmon if he's available, or decide to overdraft a wide receiver, also the Rans could trade up to the end of the 1st round and select a wide receiver that's falling.

The Rams could also roll into battle with the players that they do have at wideout. Jeff Fisher will most likely run the ball a lot this season. It's just hard to see the Rams taking the approach, I would be surprised if they don't daft one in the top two rounds.