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The Picture is Getting Clearer

So, first of all, I want to apologize to all the TST'rs who were involved in my previous chat about my article. Things got a little bumpy, and I apologize. I should never have so much vested in a single article. I hope I didn't offend so much that you will not consider reading me in the future.

All that said, the clouds are starting to break apart on the 2012 Rams. As I predicted, the Bartell cut signaled that a new cornerback must be in the works. Claiborne is not a certainty at six and the Rams moved as expected, having signed Cortland Finnegan. If anything slammed a door on the four pillars, it's this. Further predictions after the jump

I can only imagine that now Jason Jones had the same kind of handshake deal as Finnegan did. So that eliminates the need for a defensive tackle, at least early. One more is certainly needed, but not with the first pick. To me, that takes Brockers out of consideration. Hopefully Jerel Worthy will be there in the second. Even if not, it's not that hard to find a space filler when you have Jones, Long, and Quinn.

So, what to do at six? According to reports, the Rams have offered Harry Douglas of Atlanta. I imagine he offers the Brandon Lloyd type in a sense, and frees you up to take Justin Blackmon. On the other hand, Snead may feel he was so good that he wasn't a starter simply for the presence of Julio Jones. Hard to read.

I still believe that all of these moves point to Richardson as the pick at number six.