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St. Louis Rams Ticket Prices Staying Flat Or Going Down

The St. Louis Rams have had their ups and downs for public relations this winter. London, Los Angeles, despite those factors hanging over head, the franchise has taken leaps and bounds to move itself forward and return winning football to the golden horns. Days after making a blockbuster deal with Washington, the Rams announced on Monday another big win for fans: ticket prices will stay the same or, in some cases, be reduced.

After firing Steve Spagnuolo in January, the Rams launched an all out assault to bring fans back into the Dome. They hired Jeff Fisher, the best coach available on the market and a turnaround specialist. They pulled off a historic trade, sending their second pick to Washington for a bevvy of draft picks, enough to shape the future of the franchise.

And now, cheap tickets ... for seven home games. The other is in London, remember.

Ticket info is available on the Rams site.