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St. Louis Rams Will Cut DE James Hall

Monday has been a rough day for the St. Louis Rams veteran players. Defensive end James Hall is getting his walking papers from the team along with a handful of other veterans, according to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch.

James Hall was the most surprising cut of the bunch.

But not a huge surprise. Hall is a 35-year old veteran holdover from the previous regime, the previous two regimes actually since he was acquired under Scott Linehan's tenure. He was in the last year of his contract and due $2.75 million.

The good news is that this move likely signals that Robert Quinn will start opposite Chris Long at the defensive end position. Hall's release will leave the team looking for depth on the defensive line.

The money saved by cutting Hall and the other veterans gives the Rams close to $20 million in additional cap space. Add that to the $10 million they were projecting for this year, and the team has close to $30 million in cap room this year.

Les Snead and Jeff Fisher said the team would be active in free agency. Now they have the money to be big spenders.