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2012 NFL Draft: Trent Richardson, Riley Reiff And Fishing On This Week's Video Mailbag

The St. Louis Rams made news this week with a blockbuster trade to send their second overall pick to the Washington Redskins for a pirate's booty worth of picks in return. Now sitting on the sixth pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the big question on everyone's mind is just what the Rams will do with it.

We answered a handful of questions related to that very topic in our first ever video mailbag this week. I'll get this mailbag episodes out once a week, so hit us up if you want to see your questions on TV ... or at least the small screen version of it.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Video mailbag after the jump.

Be sure to get us your questions for the next edition. I suspect we'll have plenty to talk about with free agency starting this week.

3k has some more draft content coming your way on the YouTubes this week too.