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NFL Free Agents 2012: Brandon Lloyd Probably Is Not Coming Back To St. Louis

Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd a bad fit in locker rooms?
Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd a bad fit in locker rooms?

Over the weekend the Boston Globe had a story about Brandon Lloyd being an unpopular guy in the locker room. Sources described Lloyd as a mercurial personality. Josh McDaniels, according to the Globe report, is the one coach who could deal with Lloyd's ups and downs and coax him into being a regular contributor.

From the Boston Globe story:

He's extremely intelligent. Very articulate, very well-read, but there were times when people in the building thought he may be bipolar - and not joking - because he has days where he's up and ready to go and happy-go-lucky and he's like, ‘Hey, what's up? How's it going?'

And then there were other days when he was surly and moody, and you just know it's not a good day to approach him.

With a new coaching staff trying to remake the team, that hardly sounds like the kind of headache they want to deal with, especially for a receiver that they feel is limited in his role.

The PD noted this weekend that sources inside the building at Rams Park believe Lloyd is limited to being a vertical threat. They believe he has talent, but not the kind of talent required of a team's top receiver, especially when it comes to yards after the catch.

That could be a smart ploy to drive down Lloyd's cost, but so could the report out of New England. Either way, it doesn't sound like Lloyd will be back in a Rams uniform.