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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 26

Yesterday the Vikings picked Dontari Poe. Today, the Texans, led by our very own Danteslion, select:


Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

Pick Grade:


"Behind Andre Johnson the Texans are very mediocre at wide receiver. Kendall Wright allows them to stretch the field and puts a dangerous outside threat with Johnson."

I can't argue with this pick. If Schaub can stay healthy, the best thing they can do for their offense is to add some receiving talents. They already have an incredible running tandem in Foster and Tate. They have a great receiver in Andre Johnson. They don't however, have much after that (do you really need more? That's quite a list already).

I think if the Texans can take some pressure off of Johnson, they could have a great offense. Wright's stock has been all over the board, but he's a good value pick here and he also fills a need. Now, if only they can figure out what do without Mario Williams...

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