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Sunday Open Thread

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This is the last Sunday afternoon before NFL free agency starts on Tuesday. I know that you are excited about it. The St. Louis Rams have a new face and a new direction. It looks like they finally might be putting together a winning team. Maybe.

The weekend started off with a bang, the Rams dealing the second pick to Washington for a gaggle of draft picks. It was the kind of move that can change the course of a franchise. And that's exactly what the Rams had in mind when they made the deal. It becomes official on Tuesday when they file the paperwork with the league.

So, let's open the lines. What do you think the Rams should do in free agency? Should they spend big now or hold off for a shopping spree next year when they have some $40 million in cap space?

And what about the draft? Do you buy the Trent Richardson talk? If not, who do you think the Rams should pick?