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NFL Trade Rumors: St. Louis Rams' Interested In Trent Richardson; Real, Subterfuge Or Both?

We are now in that time of the year where it can be dangerous for the gullible. Do not believe everything you read, and remember that information rarely gets leaked without a purpose, an ulterior motive. The Post-Dispatch said today that the St. Louis Rams have a draft crush on Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Well. Believe it or not?

Don't be surprised with this news. The Rams have a coaching staff with a history of picking running backs in the first round. They also emphasize the running game, and are trying to assist a talent quarterback get back in the swing of things in the NFL.

Remember that story Les Snead told in his introductory press conference about acquiring Michael Turner? There's a lesson there.

With the sixth pick, Richardson would certainly be in play for the Rams. The coaching staff might also have concerns about Steven Jackson's future with the team as well as designs on his $7 million salary this year and next.

Or ...

They could just be muddying the waters, trying to drum up a little interest in Richardson in hopes of enticing some team to trade up for their pick.

So much subterfuge!