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A Second Look

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Whew, it's fun to be a Rams fan again. It will probably not be immediate, but it sure is nice to know that problem areas can be identified and rectified in at least the next three drafts. The first round pick is academic at this point, unless someone wants to write an article about another trade down. If they stay where they are, the Rams will pick amongst Claiborne, Blackmon, and Richardson. I'm on record with Richardson at the four, so I will stick with him at six. My hopes/blind guesses for the second after the jump.

There are a couple of positions that can be filled with the first pick of the second round, not to mention the Redskins pick in the second. I would suggest the following:

Michigan State's DT Jerel Worthy has been mocked anywhere from the late first to third round from everything I've seen. Our own Douglas M sees him as no more than a fourth rounder. I have to say, I've seen this guy play and he is relentless. He has a great motor and is comfortable playing in the middle of the line. Of course I want Poe, but we simply can't draft him at six. In my ideal situation, we could trade down again and draft Poe. He might be that guy that turns your line around.

All that aside, I hope Worthy drops out of the first round and the Rams grab him with their first second round pick.

With the 'skins pick, I'm going to go with Sanu. He has the size and the ability to be an average NFL receiver. The Rams just need an average player, not necessarily a superstar with this pick. If you come up with an average player in the second round, you can count yourself lucky. What I like most about Sanu is his blocking. Sure, you don't build your team around blocking receivers, but this will be a running team, one way or the other. Sanu is exactly the kind of receiver that Fisher looks for.

I guess that brings us back full circle. You take Richardson in the first, and wait and see what Bartell, Fletcher, Gordy, et. al can bring back at the CB position. You work with the current oline and see if a number two pick and Safflold can figure it out under new management. You have your running backs, and can rely on a strong running game. You have an outstanding defensive line. You have a young receiver who helps the running game with the potential for more. You have the third round to pick up an OLB, as it looks like Chamberlain will be back, and deservedly so.

This is an amazing time in Rams history. I think these picks set us up for a long time, especially considering that we have two first rounders in 2013 and 2014 to tweak.