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NFL Free Agents 2012: Washington Will Have Robert Griffin III; Will They Have Vincent Jackson Too?

The St. Louis Rams' trade with the Washington Redskins has been extremely popular with fans, as you would expect. Look no further than our approval poll to get a snapshot for how people feel about it. What fans may be less thrilled about is news that Washington will pursue San Diego Chargers free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Earlier in the offseason, the Rams were considered one potential landing spot for Jackson. Lately, their name has fallen out of consideration.

Now that Washington has the second pick and will start the season with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III as the leader of the offense, they could certainly use a receiver. The pressure is on for Dan Synder and Mike Shanahan. Giving up that many draft picks demands that they start producing right away.

Of course, Jackson will draw a premium contract. I would expect only Peyton Manning and Mario Williams to get more money as free agents this year. That could limit the Rams ability to procure Jackson.

Nevertheless, as Bernie Miklasz made quite clear in his Sunday column at the Post-Dispatch, the pressure is on the Rams and Bradford. They need to find the third-year quarterback some talent to work with, and soon.