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Washington Redskins Were Not The Only Team Talking Trade With The St. Louis Rams

Apparently, the phones at Rams Park were even busier than reported on Friday night. Good think the "jack" Stan Kroenke has put into the team includes multi-line phones, because the Washington Redskins were hardly the only team talking to the St. Louis Rams about dealing for the second pick.

Everyone has had a good laugh at the expense of the Cleveland Browns and their commitment to building a franchise in three-yard spurts. They did however try to make a late push for the Rams' pick. According to Adam Schefter, the Brown also offered three first-round picks, and were even willing to throw in their second-round pick this year.

Why that deal was rejected is not being reported at this time. On the surface, you have to wonder about previous reports of the Browns' unwillingness to deal their 22nd pick. Then again, maybe the Rams preferred having two first rounders in 2013 and 2014, when the team should be much closer to winning it all.

The Browns were not the only team calling about the Rams' pick. According to Peter King, the Dolphins and two other teams were interested in dealing for the second spot in the draft. King does not confirm it, but he speculates that Philadelphia was one of those teams. He also says the Rams had a preference for staying in the top-10 spots in the draft.

Of course, none of it really matters now. The Rams and Redskins struck a deal that should establish a strong foundation for both teams for a decade or more.