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What Happens Following The St. Louis Rams' Trade With Washington?

Yesterday, the St. Louis Rams made one of the biggest, trades in the history of the NFL. They added three of the Washington Redskins first-round picks and a second round pick in 2012.

The Rams already had a good foundation of players on the roster. Because of this trade, they will be able to add more top-tier talent faster than they would have otherwise.

Now that the Rams have completed the trade, it's time to think about what happens next with this franchise. This was a great statement by Les Snead and Jeff Fisher, but their job is only half done.

Forgotten in all this news is that free agency starts March 13. The Rams still have decisions to make on the roster regarding current players. And what about the future NFL prospects entering the league via the draft? The Rams have the picks, but that doesn't automatically make the Rams a great team.

First up is free agency. Do the Rams decide to pursue big name guys like Vincent Jackson or do they decide to chase after mid-level players? Teams still have not received their official salary cap numbers yet; however, the Rams do have enough money to add some players who would help the team, as well as the ability to clear out some more cap space from the current roster.

They can decide to add players such as defensive tackle Jason Jones, former Colts tight end Dallas Clark, or even take a chance and add Randy Moss. The Rams have many options, but they won't be the only team trying to acquire these players.

Speaking of money, will the Rams cut anyone? I'm not a fan of gutting a team, but it seemed like Jeff Fisher would put his own spin on the Rams. Also, the Rams have not restructured any contracts, the main ones that come to mind are Chris Long and Jason Smith. Sam Bradford's contract cannot be restructured until after the season. The new CBA pushed it it up to three years to restructure rookie deals, from two years in the previous agreement.

It will be interesting to see how the Rams new front office will address free agency. They could make a big splash, or they could add mid-range players.

Then there is the draft. The Rams have some great picks in the future, and are in great position to make the team better this season. We will talk about the Rams second round picks another time, but what will the Rams do in the sixth spot?

The Rams still have options in the draft; however, there is a good chance that the Rams will be stuck at six. They may have to over-draft a player? The Rams could fall in love with Michael Floyd, Riley Reiff, or Michael Brockers, all are players that could help this team, but the Rams might have to over-draft for them, which doesn't matter if they become great players.

Hell, we can't forget to mention that the Rams can trade down again. It might be a long shot, but teams reportedly like Ryan Tannehill enough to make him a top 10 pick.

There is still work to be done to make the St. Louis Rams a respectable team again. The Rams have established a new coaching staff, and the front office is aggressive enough to make things happen. If anything, this offseason is showing that the Rams' new front office is capable enough to make these decisions and the team should be in good hands.