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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Rams Trade With the Redskins, Now What?

The St. Louis Rams swung a deal with the Washington Redskins that netted them three two more first-round picks. It potentially changed the course of the franchise. But first, there is the little matter of the sixth pick this year. Who should the Rams draft with the sixth pick acquired from Washington?

The debate goes several ways. One opinion emerging is that the Cleveland's excitement about Justin Blackmon (or Leslie Frazier's for that matter after the Vikings head coach walked away raving about the OSU product on Friday) could change their fourth pick, especially if they opt for Brandon Weeden at #22. If Tampa Bay signs Cortland Finnegan, then the Rams may very well find Morris Claiborne in their laps.

If, if, if ...

Michael Lombardi at the NFL Network had a top-10 picks segment on whatever God awful 24-hour cable channel pays him to talk.

Here are Lombardi's top ten picks. Why only ten? Because the man only pays him to make ten picks, not 32.

  1. Indianapolis: Andrew Luck, QB
  2. Washington: Robert Griffin, QB
  3. Minnesota: Matt Kalil, OT
  4. Cleveland: Justin Blackmon, WR
  5. Tampa Bay: Dontari Poe, DT
  6. St. Louis: Melvin Ingram, DE
  7. Jacksonville: Riley Reiff, OT
  8. Miami: Ryan Tannehill, QB
  9. Carolina: Morris Claiborne, CB
  10. Buffalo: Quinton Coples, DE

What is that I see for the Rams? Melvin Ingram? Yes, that is Lombardi's pick. I'll give you a moment to calm your disbelief.

A defensive lineman could well be in play here, but it is worth remembering that the Rams have shown interest in LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers. Obviously, Claiborne slipping here would be ideal. Maybe it happens. Fortune seems to be favoring the Rams again, after all the LA talk and the whole Gregg Williams saga.

What do you think?