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2012 NFL Draft: Rams GM Talks Trade, Confirms Interest From Mystery Teams

The St. Louis Rams continued an all-out media blitz to talk about the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. General manager Les Snead braved the oxygen-deprived airwaves of Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show on Thursday to talk a little about trading down, team needs and when they might pull off such a trade.

"I won't give a number," Snead said. "I will say this, we've been approached by multiple teams. Some of them are obvious and some of them are not so obvious until you sit down and analyze the situation and understand where they're coming from."

As for when the Rams might trade the pick, or would like to trade the pick, Snead shed some light onto their thinking.

"We talk it about daily," Snead said. "There are some pros and cons, depending on different circumstance. We have to determine internally what's best for the St. Louis Rams."

Snead's comments come on the heels of a Thursday report from Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network that the Rams are engaged in ongoing talks with teams about the possibility of trading. He also says that the trade is likely to happen "well before April's draft."

"There is probably not a position in this draft, other than QB, that we couldn't draft one of those players," Snead said. "But when you have a franchise QB you definitely would love to get explosive weapons for that player."

There's that word again, "explosive." Snead discussed that in his introductory press conference as well. This draft is not overrun with first-round offensive talent, but there are some intriguing possibilities wherever they end up picking. It at least sounds like the team is committed to building a viable offense, something fans have not seen in a long, long time inside the Edward Jones Dome.