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Watch Sam Bradford Get Sacked ... Again And Again And Again

Sam Bradford took more than his share of punishment in 2011. The St. Louis Rams' second-year quarterback was sacked 31 times in 399 dropbacks, a career-threatening rate for even the toughest of quarterbacks.

Is it any wonder that addressing pass protection issues was one of the most talked about needs cited by new head coach Jeff Fisher and the others at Rams Park?

For your viewing, um, pleasure, our friends over at Rams On Demand have assembled a hit reel of Bradford's 31 sacks this season.

Check it out after the jump.

As to how the Rams plan to fix protection issues, it's anyone's guess. Getting healthy along the offensive line would help. They will likely look at available linemen in the draft, and even Jason Smith could get a shot, another shot, to rehabilitate his struggling career, provided he takes a reduced contract.

How well the Rams address their needs along the offensive line will go a long way toward determining how well they do this season.