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Rams Say No To CVC Dome Proposal, Will Submit Their Own Plan

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The St. Louis Rams turned down the Convention and Visitors Commission's $124 million plan to renovate the Edward Jones Dome, according to a statement released by the CVC. The team intends to submit its own plan for Dome renovations by the May 1 deadline to do so.

Rejection comes as no surprise here. The CVC proposal was widely seen as merely the first step in what will likely be a lengthy process of negotiations for bringing the Dome in line with the cloudy requirements of the "first tier" clause that triggers an out clause in 2015.

The Rams have until May 1 to submit their plan. If the two sides do not agree on a plan by June 15, the matter goes to arbitration. The deadline to complete arbitration is the end of the year.

Skepticism about the Rams future in St. Louis runs high, especially against a backdrop of the team ditching home games to play in London and owner Stan Kroenke's bidding on the Los Angeles Doders.