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2012 NFL Trade Rumors: Jeff Fisher, Mike Shanahan Connection Key To A Draft Day Deal For The Rams?

The St. Louis Rams may indeed be able to trade down from the second pick in the draft, as many have suspected. Whispers in the media about the potential for a trade are picking up and will reach a fever pitcher before the end of April. The fires got a little more fuel on Thursday with some remarks made by NFL Network personality Michael Lombardi.

As relayed by Hogs Haven, Lombardi told Bill Simmons that the friendship between Jeff Fisher and Mike Shanahan was a key to a likely trade between those two teams. The money quote:

"Mike Shanahan and Jeff Fisher are very close, If there's trade to be made, it'll happen between those two."

The most likely return on such a trade would be swapping first-round picks - Rams move to #6 - Washington's second-round pick and a first rounder in 2013. Of course, all that could change too, if the Rams want a player thrown in or some other combination of picks. Moving down to the sixth spot is a given.