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Turf Show Times: A Thank You to the Fanpost Rabble!

I'd like to take a moments to thank all the TSTers who write fanposts. Turf Show Times is fast becoming the "go to" site for all things St. Louis Rams. In the past, while our amazing list of regular contributors fills the center column of the front page, the fanpost section was more about personal rants, than well thought out and written articles. Over the last six months or so I've seen the Fanpost section morph into, not only a more valued counter part to the front page, but a place where great writing can be found that is on par or better with any SBNation site.

While I realize some of the posts are pounded out on cell phone key pads that make proper syntax a challenge at times, know that the passion of what you write still comes through. When an idea strikes, you somehow work those tiny keypads into a frenzy, recording your thought to share with the TST community.

The posts that have really impressed me are guys like: RAMphetamine, James Goldbleu, RG31, Cameron David Miri (I still can't believe your only 12 years old!), ValdezY, DcRamFan, OakCityRam, papapegusus, JHaier, RAMpage28... If I didn't mention your name, it isn't because your work wasn't worthy of mention. It's because this list of great Fanpost-ers is just so incredibly long!

Your incredible Mock Drafts have made TST a draft destination site for all thing NFL Draft, with visiting readers from across the NFL world. Yes, you "Mock-ly Crew", the varied scenarios you've come up with, making twists and turns in the NFL draft, is actually read by hundreds, if not thousands of readers every week.

The number of TST members grows every day. I have little doubt that it's due in no small part to the passion and thought of your fanposts. Our front page articles get the headlines, but you prove the depth of true Rams fans resolve here at Turf Show Times.

If you find this condescending, please forgive me, but I know I speak for every front page contributor here when I say: We are so damn proud of each and every one of you!