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2012 NFL Draft: Jim Haslett refutes Hogs Haven post (UPDATED)

Regardless of the veracity of the Hogs Haven post, I'm sure Dan Snyder will act rationally, ethically and wisely (<a href="" target="new">via</a>).
Regardless of the veracity of the Hogs Haven post, I'm sure Dan Snyder will act rationally, ethically and wisely (via).

This is getting interesting.

Last night, I put up a post reacting to this front-paged FanPost from Hogs Haven in which the author, Rodskins, recounted his meeting with Redskins DC Jim Haslett.

Of immediate interest were the Skins' lack of interest in Matt Flynn and any QB beyond Andrew Luck and RGIII, the suggestion that the Redskins had at least "already talked with Jeff Fisher about the possibility" of trading up for the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and the validation of the "Peyton to Washington" rumors.

Well the D.C.-area ESPN radio station spoke with Jim Haslett this hour, and he seemed none to pleased with the story at HH:

"I don't even know the offseason plan..You think I am going to tell some guy I don't even know?...I don't even know the offseason (offensive) plans, so why would I say that?..My (expletive) family wasn't even there.."

As some commenters suggested here in the TST post, this could have well been some of the offseason chicanery that teams play to bluff certain moves to try and entice their opponents to overplay their hand.

On the other hand, if he did indeed disclose this info, that's the exact kind of denial you'd expect him to roll out.

The Super Bowl is over, and Madonna is yet to be released from the underground cage beneath Lucas Oil Stadium.

The offseason absurdity period is here.

(updated by 3k at 12:50pm ET)

And as soon as I write that, I'm hearing that Rodskins, the author of that post at HH, was just on the Mike Wise show on 106.7 The Fan here in D.C. The first zany offseason storyline is here, folks (if you don't count Gronkowski dancing the Super Bowl blues away). Will try and update/find the audio ASAP.

(updated by 3k at 2:20pm ET)

The audio's out (scroll to the bottom), and it's an incredibly interesting interview with Rodskins. Ironically, it would seem that Haslett was naive enough to not think this would get out, and Rodskins was naive enough to think he was just "talking to two or three hundred "friends." God bless the 21st century.