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2012 NFL Draft: Jim Haslett Says Skins Open to Trade, Have Talked to Fisher

Gotta love SB Nation. From Hogs Haven, the SBN community for Redskins fans, comes this report from one of their community members (I mention his status only because I'm hesitant to vouch for any story that doesn't come from a front page author). And yes, it is important.

The author, Rodskins, notes that he talked with Jim Haslett, the former Rams DC and interim head coach who is currently Mike Shanahan's defensive coordinator. During the talks, he disclosed some awfully detailed information that's of immediate interest to Rams fans.

On the free agent front, he said that the Skins weren't interested in Matt Flynn, but the wheels are turning to make the initial efforts toward Peyton.

Of more import, he said the Redskins have already contacted Jeff Fisher to discuss the second overall pick. He didn't provide any details of the talks, other than to note that the front office only has interest in Andrew Luck and RGIII at this point, so the likelihood of trading up is, well, more than 0%.

Take it for what it's worth, but if true, things are setting up well for the Rams to make out well in trading the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.