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Rams Sign CFL lineman Jovan Olafioye

The St. Louis Rams signed the top offensive lineman from the CFL earlier this week.
The St. Louis Rams signed the top offensive lineman from the CFL earlier this week.

We're in that quiet period of the offseason, the brief window between the Super Bowl and free agency. Not that there isn't anything to talk about. The St. Louis Rams made a move recently, adding a young CFL player as a part of an effort to revive their offensive line depth. All that and more in today's Random Ramsdom.

Rams add CFL offensive tackle Jovan Olafioye - The St. Louis Rams jumped into the free agent waters this week, signing CFL offensive tackle Jovan Olafioye. A North Carolina Central product, he missed the NFL when he came out of school. He's done well for himself in Canada, earning honors for the CFL's top lineman last year. The Rams gave him a two-year contract. He's probably a long shot, but it's smarter for the Rams to start looking at younger players with upside for depth, rather than the aging veterans they turned to in the past.

Kendall Wright and the Money Catch - Baylor WR Kendall Wright is a guy you're going to be hearing a lot more about as the draft gets closer. Be sure to read this piece on Wright from Matt Waldman's Rookie Scouting Portfolio. He really has the chance to be something special, and someone the Rams ought to think about if they trade down in the draft.

On Rams' GM search targeting rivals - ESPN's Mike Sando points out the strategy behind interviewing GM candidates from division rivals. The Rams have execs from the Cardinals and 49ers on their list. It's a good window for Jeff Fisher to get a look at the division.

Five Reasons You Should Be Optimistic After The CVC's Proposal - The CVC revealed their plans to the Rams this past week. We thought it'd be more bad news. Turns out the proposal looks pretty good.