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Assessing the 2012 St. Louis Rams' Needs - Final Call

Of all the needs for the 2012 St. Louis Rams, fat baby should be near the top of the list.
Of all the needs for the 2012 St. Louis Rams, fat baby should be near the top of the list.

Well, I'm back. Had to move, and didn't have internet in the interim. So let's catch up where I left off.

In my last post, I put up the form for everyone to rank the 2012 Rams' biggest needs. There were almost 300 responses, so if you didn't get yours in, go ahead and throw it in.

You might want to go ahead and check the vote results to make sure yours is in. I deleted the votes that were backwards (remember, 1 means we don't need to upgrade the position, 10 means we need a total depth chart overhaul). So if you voted but you can't find it, I probably deleted it.

On Friday, I'll go ahead and put together the data sets like last year (although those charts have disappeared, so it'll look better on Friday).

After the jump, the current tally and some observations.

position avg. (descending) Δ2011
WR 8.589 +0.181
OT 8.000 +5.082
OLB 7.729 -1.081
DT 7.393 +0.513
CB 6.421 +0.970
G 6.400 -1.654
RET 6.150 +1.237
C 5.775 +2.357
RB 5.246 -1.265
TE 4.832 +0.598
SS 4.139 -1.437
FS 3.921 -0.117
K 2.596 +0.955
DE 2.279 -3.498
P 1.893 +0.610
QB 1.825 -0.186
MLB 1.650 -0.383

- The Adam Goldberg effect, y'all. Last year, guard rated above an 8 with Goldberg slotting at RG. A year later, and the returns don't look as bad with Harvey Dahl filling in. Meanwhile, as Jason Smith has filled out his ballot for the bust category, Goldberg has made the position look that much more deficient.

- Why isn't defensive tackle higher? The four DTs listed on the Rams' team site depth chart are Fred Robbins, Justin Bannan, Darell Scott and Gary Gibson. How that's not challenging WR for the top spot is beyond me. Speaking of...

- Is the WR depth chart all that horrible? I realize the Rams are without a true #1, but as a whole, the position has solid depth. I wouldn't have it in my top 3, although the need at the top is.

- Why did RB drop off? Is it just name recognition with Cadillac Williams and Jerious Norwood? A year ago, the position got more than a 7.5 rating. I don't see how we're much better off at the position, especially not a point and a quarter better.

- Tight ends. A mystery. A year ago, we had a young duo in Mike Hoomanawanui and Fendi Onobun with a blocking specialist (who isn't much of a blocking specialist) in Billy Bajema. Now, Onobun's gone, Bajema's a free agent who won't likely return and Hoomanawanui has yet to show his body can handle the rigors of football (and not just at the NFL level...). Throw in a less than overwhelming rookie campaign from Lance Kendricks, and who knows what's coming in 2012.

- Chris Long + Robert Quinn = yay.

- Jason Brown has two years under contract. Keep that in mind.

- OLB got better? I'm confused.

- And yes, James Laurinaitis is good.