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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Winners And Losers

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Well, the St. Louis Rams can at least say one of their losses last season was to the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants. There's at least some consolation in that. Not really. That does do it for another season. We'll be turning toward free agency and the draft now. But first, how about those Super Bowl commercials?

I always appreciate Clint Eastwood, so I did like his Chrysler commercial, though I'm sorry if I don't buy the Detroit rejuvenation meme. America's manufacturing days are over, and they aren't coming back. Anyone know if Eastwood directed that ad?

I thought the Battleship ad was for a Transformers sequel. It kind of is.

More Amy Sedaris in pop culture, please.

Did you know Will Ferrell did an ad for Old Milwaukee ... that only ran in Nebraska or something like that? Old Milwaukee was one of those beers that avoided even as a broke college student. See it after the jump.

You can watch a heaping helping of the ads from yesterday's Super Bowl over here.

Which ones were your favorites? The worst ads?